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You need to get the best gel nails in Fargo, ND whether you are preparing for a big event or you simply want your nails to look fabulous. With Sky Nails, you can get artificial nail treatment at very affordable rates so you can enjoy it even on an ordinary day. Now you can flaunt your beautiful and stunning nails every day with the newest trends of gel nails that feel like the real thing.

We specialize in gel nail application using the safest and most up-to-the-minute products in nail enhancement. These artificial nails provide the strength and resilience of acrylic nails, but with a more natural appearance. The most modern type of gel nail reacts to UV light and hardens when exposed.

Our nail estheticians use a base coat, gel nail polish and color, and the top coat. The application of gel nails uses chemical processes in order to bond the artificial to the natural nails which is quite similar to other types such as acrylic nails. Many nail enthusiasts prefer gel nails because the results are glossier and more natural compared to other cosmetic nails. The process guarantees faster curing time. Most importantly, the gel nail polish is fume-free so it is safer and eco-friendly.

Nail experts consider gel nails as the future of the nail care industry because of their remarkable features. Users prefer this nail care option due to its non-porous, non-yellowing, and lifting-resistant capabilities. Its crystal clear, odorless, light weight, and natural aesthetics makes it ideal for longer use.

Sky Nails also offers gel nail maintenance. Nails grow out and need filling every two to three weeks. We file down the edge and fill in empty areas to give it a newer, more polished look. Opting for our maintenance services ensures you that your gel nails are in great condition all the time.

Get beautiful cosmetic nails that look and feel natural. Reach out to us today!

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